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Car racing games

are those games that are either played online or using play stations.The cars are raced through different levels,starting from the first level to the last level according to the way you win.They bring you real life experience of having to race a car,and competing with each other.You can either play a one man game or you can compete with another player using the two player game.You can choose the make of the care and also the color of the car.The car racing games have a demo instructions and help you learn how to play the games.You can stop the game at any time you want and you can also restart.The game is played using two keys so that you can control the movement of the car.You can increase the speed of the car as you continue racing.You can also overtake you opponent.
There is a set time when you are supposed to finish your race,and there is also a map that is showing you how the road looks like and if your competitor is ahead of you the map shows you how fast he is and how far behind you are.You are supposed to navigate around all corners of the road and you can withdraw from the race if you wish.Car racing games are good for kids this is because they teach a kid away of being strategic and also helps them to gain enough confidence in life.The car racing games are very addictive and also a way of passing time.Some people play for money,and you have to be very keen and race fast for you to win.
There are so many car racing games you can choose from our collection.
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