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Other Sleep Tips:

Research shows that sleep helps improve the functioning of internal organs like the heart, the kidney and also repair the blood vessels. On the outer part of the body, sleep helps to keep the skin rejuvenated and looking radiant. It improves the growth of small kids, and that is one of the reasons it is advisable for kids to sleep during the day and night. A good sleep should last for not less than 7 hours a day. Note that insomnia can last up to days which are quite dangerous to the affected person.

What causes insomnia?

The causes of insomnia can be grouped into different categories which are health issues, lifestyle and also mental health.

Health issues that cause insomnia.

• Chronic pains.

Constant pains on the back, the head and other joints of the body cause discomforts to the affected person which leads them to have less sleep due to the illness. Some chronic pains can be managed with the use of painkillers, use of herbal plants like the CBD oils or even kratoms to name a few. Also, the use of medicated mattresses can significantly help you solve the issue pretty quickly. Visit a doctor to give you a prescription for the best medication to solve the issue.

• Asthma and nasal issues.

If your noses are blocked, it causes less breathing which may interfere with your sleeping patterns since one is unable to breathe comfortably at night.

• Mental health.

Some of the mental symptoms that interferes with ones sleeping patterns include depression, anxiety or even stress. If your mind is not relaxed such that you keep on thinking about a nagging issue, this interferes with sleeping patterns thus causing insomnia.


This involves the kind of foods and drinks you engage in. For example, if you drink high content of caffeine in a day, this results in less sleep at night.

Can one improve their sleep?

It is quite easy to improve your sleep as long as you use the right procedures, products and also by following the advice given by the doctor.

Top best sleeping tips.

• Increase your daylight expose.

The natural light from the sunlight helps a lot when it comes to the improvement of the sleeping patterns. This is because it helps to keep the circadian rhythm healthy all day long by controlling it on how to influence the sleep hormones at different times of the day. Circadian rhythm is the part of the body which is responsible for managing how the hormones respond during the different hours in a day. Meaning, if it is during the day, the hormones are awakened to stay active, and during the night, the rhythm communicates to the body that it is the time to sleep. Therefore if you are prone to rest most of the times indoors in the day, a little sun exposure will do wonders in transforming and improving your sleep.

Research shows that people who are diagnosed with insomnia usually experience a huge sleep influence once they stay under the sun even for a few hours. This means that if you stay under natural light for three hours, you will be able to increase your sleep with three more hours and so on. If you most of your daytimes are spent indoors, it is advisable that you take three hours and stay out to get some light.